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Radio Frequency Ablation



The radiofrequency ablation procedure is a major advancement in the area of medicine used for people who are experiencing chronic pain in the neck and the lower back along with pain linked to the degeneration of joints as a result from arthritis. This procedure has sublime effects in reducing pain as the degree of pain relief that it provides to the patients ranges from six to twelve months and many for several years to come. The very latest improvement in this procedure permits not only to initiate larger radiofrequency lesions but also to make them without increasing the size of the gauge. The advantage of this procedure is that it provides the potential to perform either monopolar or parallel bipolar lesions and shows a more efficient and successful delivery of anesthesia to a specifically targeted zone including multiple deployment options for greater efficiency of the procedure.


 This simple yet effective procedure involves the doctor first to anesthetize the skin adequately and then position special radiofrequency needles with the help of fluoroscopy (x-ray) guidance alongside the nerves that supply to the inflamed joint. After checking that the needle is indeed in the right position and place, the thermal radiofrequency ablation procedure begins. 


The procedure of RFA is as such that it interrupts or temporarily stops the continuity of sensory nerve pain signal to a particular involved facet or sacroiliac joint through this thermal radiofrequency. Therefore, the main basis of this thermal denervation treatment is to either eliminate or suppress the nerve responsible of sending pain signals ultimately resulting in the eradication of pain of the targeted area and thus resulting in relief of pain to the patient. 


To increase the confidence and trust of patients in their doctors and on the medical procedures they need to carry out, we have come up with the latest development in the radiofrequency ablation procedure by introducing NovaTech DualPolar